Mod Oz or Modern Australian Cuisine: Everything You Need To Know!

Today, many restaurants, cafes, restro-bars, and other eateries offer delicious and mouth-watering Australian classic dishes with a modern twist. Over the decades, fusion food in the country has thrived and people in major cities have embraced it. It is argued that the first Mod Oz restaurant was opened in Sydney in the year 1982. Since many cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, etc. have also seen an emergence of eateries offering contemporary Australian cuisine. Here are some other things you should know about it. Have a look.

  • Australia witnessed migration of people from Asian, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean countries. These people brought their cooking techniques and cuisines which influenced many Mod OZ dishes.

  • During the colonisation of Australia by the British the food reflected the preference of those times. But, after the Second World Warthe multicultural immigration helped develop the cuisine and make it more sophisticated.

  • Most chefs preparing contemporary Australian cuisinesuse local produce and indigenous ingredients to give them their cultural twists.Many embrace experimentation and tweak traditional dishes to present modern versions.

  • Some popular modern Australian dishes you must try are sweet potato wedges with dips, zucchini fritters, cold rice pudding with rhubarb, salt & pepper calamari, lamb leg roast, and many more.

  • Even though Australian food was being revolutionisedin the 1980s the term modern wasn’t used for it until 1996. Severalnotable magazines and guides used terms like new style, contemporary and others.

  • Many modern Australian dishes use chicken, beef, emu, duck, lamb, and several other meats. Addition, they can contain seafood like prawns, shrimps,crocodile, crab, and more.

  • The modernisation of food in Australia has also witnessed onset of several trends including European cuisines making a comeback, thinking about food sustainability, focus on vegetarian options, being more responsible about food wastage and many others.

  • It is also important to note that restaurants today offer food by preference, meaning it not only do they have options for non-vegetarians, but also for vegetarians, vegans, flexitarians and more.

The Bottom Line

Modern Australian cuisine isdefined by the people living in the country. Many dishes remain classics but several are changed. These dishes contain indigenousingredients and flavours of Mediterranean, Asian, and several otherscultures that were brought on by people who immigrated to the country.

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