About Our Team

A significant credit for our café being a huge success goes to our team of hardworking, dedicated, and experiencedprofessionals. Over the years, we have expanded our business and hired some of the most passionateculinary experts in Melbourne. Currently our kitchen is run by the very talented Richard Maven who has over 10 years of culinary experience. He is our head and development chef and the one who created our delectableand versatile menu containing contemporary Australian dishes and drinks. Under Richard, we have Nyra and Michele, our sous chefs with 6 and 5 years of experience of working in a professional kitchen, respectively.

In addition, our team has ten line cooks who are assigned several important duties to produce mouth water dishes for our customers and ensure all the preparation is complete before the café opens. We have reliable and skilled roast cook (rotisseur), sauté chef, fish cook (poissonier), fry cook (friturier), entremetier, pantry manager and swing cook. The reasons why our customers are able to enjoy wonderful dishes is because a lot of effort and team work goes into them. Our chefs and cooks enable us to create magic with food and mesmerise customers with delicious drinks. So, if you are looking to dine in or order from a place where food is revered and prepared with utmost professionalism and skill, do try our menu.

You can rest assured the food and drinks are prepared by complying with food safety and sanitation regulations. Also, in light of the pandemic, our team remains cautious and proactive to uphold the COVID-19 guidelines. They maintain social distance, keepoptimumpersonal hygiene and make sure everything is washed sanitised thoroughly.

Without the team ofprofessionals we have amassed since the café’s launch, Hyde Park Barrack Restro Caféwould not have become the place for hanging out and enjoying good food it has become today.Our team streamline the tasks and ensure the café runs like well-oiledmachine. They are the reason why our servers can deliver food to customers within minutes. Also, they make sure that supplies are used wisely, indigenous ingredients are given more preference and components are sourced from local producers and farmers.

HPB Restro Cafe’s main aim is to service high quality meals and ensure the service is exceptions. All its employees are in line with this goal and strive to achieve it every single day. Thus, our team performs consistently and follows routine diligently because without doing these abilities, a professional kitchen cannot produce creative, balanced and delicious food repeatedly.

Our cooks and chefs are behind dishes coming to your table piping hot and looking so good that you to dig in right after you click a picture or a few. Food and drinks you have at our café whether alone or with friends or familymembers are made with skill, talent, expertise, and most of all passion. So what are you waiting for? Please explore our menu now and see what you would to treat yourself and your near and dear ones to.

Our Popular Dishes

Here are some of our most ordered dishes by our customers. These dishes are prepared with indigenous ingredients and the components are sourced from local producers and suppliers.

Our Patrons

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