The Ultimate Cooking Tips by Experts

Commonly when you dine out or order food from a café you may wonder why cannot you recreate the magic and taste of it at home? Also, many people wonder how chefs operate and prepare food in their kitchens. The good news is you can learn several tracks of the trade and techniques or habits of professional cooks. Have a look at these ultimate cooking tips by experts to make your homemade food and drinks better.

  • Poach eggs perfectly for brekkie sandwiches and other dishes by mixing a teaspoon of white vinegar in the boiling water. The acetic acid will prevent the egg from breaking and leaking.

  •  Season your food properly whether you are using only one or two spices. Often dishes can taste bad because they are not seasoned properly. Therefore taste your food as you prepare it and make adjustments.

  • Always keep the ingredients, utensils, cookware, and trash can within reach before cooking any dish in your kitchen. Preparing is as important as making the food.

  • To make perfect brown butter and prevent it from burning while cooking add a few drops of lemon juice.

  • Pre heat ovens to cooks fast. Also, invest in thermometers to check the actual temperature of oven and things you are making.

  • For perfect hardboiled eggs don’t keep boiling them, after the water bubbles turn off the heat and let the eggs cook in it for atleast 10-12 minutes.

  • Never wash pasta before boiling it. Add salt to the water generously then cook the pasta til it is al dente, meaning it still has a bite to it but it is not uncooked. Remove excessstarch water after keeping a mug full. Now wash the boiled pasta with cold water to stop the cooking process and use it when your sauce is ready.

  • Make breadcrumbs from bread that is going stale in a food processor. Keep the crumbs in the freezer to make them last up to six months.

  • Give meats proper resting time before cutting into them. Also, before cooking steaks, fillets, and othermeats, always bring them to room temperature and pat dry with a paper towel to remove moisture before cooking.


Hopefully these tricks will help you make excellent food and save a lot of your time, energy and effort. So, start using the techniques and tips to start cooking like an expert.

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