Top 2021 Australian Food Trends

2020 was tough year for the food due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the peak of the outbreak, everything was closed and the hospitality industry was severely impacted. Restaurants, cafes and eateries were closed and suffered losses. However, 2021 is a better year and many food establishments have emerged stronger and better. Additionally, many new and unknown food trends have taken place in 2021. Here are some of them for you to know.

Home Cooking

Since most people were forced to stay home for safety, many started to cook or give more time to the activity. This lead to people realising their potential and enjoying homecooked meals. Never before was home cooking as popular as it is today with people consuming more information in forms of pictures, audios and videos about dishes and drinks.

Online Classes and Virtual Events

Again due to restrictions and safety concerns, most culinary students and home cooks opted for online classes. With apps like Zoom, Google meet, Skype and others it was easier to manage remote communication and have a real classroom experience even while sitting at home.

In addition, many food events were streamed online and attended by audiences virtually.

Observance of Social Distancing While Dining-in

Besides wearing masks even while sitting in restaurants and cafes, people observed social distancing. This trend is necessary and useful because the risk of catching COVID-19 reduces substantially when people maintain distance and avoid touching.

More Plant-based Eating

More people are becoming conscious of what they eat and many are opting to go completely without meats, seafood, and dairy/poultry products. Australia is the third-fastest growing market for vegan food which wasn’t the case a few years back.

Consuming a plant-based diet is healthy and good for the environment as well, which is why it is a welcome trend in 202. It also means more people are making responsible and environment friendly choices.

Conscious Consumption

As with people becoming vegan, many people are becoming more conscious of where they get their food from and what ingredients they use for cooking. For example, people are supporting local businesses by ordering food from them and following social distancing while being inside restaurants.


Many new trends that we see emerging in 2021 aredue to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of these trends are good for the environment and for our safety. Therefore, unlike 2020, this year is for the better.

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